Warm Up

life feels very close to perfect right now

Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.

Hunter S. Thompson

making a thing is hard. my head hurts. help.
how do i code? how do i art?


An Evening at the Pike Place Market

all i do is reblog myself
im not sure why

my flickr is some sort of hell

preachin’ on Crosby 🙏

kill ‘em, #pushy ladies

Ryan Hemsworth for SSENSE

  wow look at this ~*~ bae in high fashunz ~*~ 

obsessed with this boi

i work in the same office as my favorite record label of 4 years

as surreal as magritte (hehe)

If you’re not angry you are either a stone or you are too sick to be angry. You should be angry… You must not be bitter. Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. It doesn’t do anything to the object of its displeasure. So use that anger, yes. You write it. You paint it. You dance it. You march it. You vote it. You do everything about it. You talk it. Never stop talking it.

Maya Angelou