i’ve realized that i will not take it well when he leaves at all even though i know it is coming

wowow i have the most perfect summer plans (minus comm) with fam and best fronds and music and cool people and i hope nothing ruins them wow omg

Why I Don’t Wear Makeup | Man Repeller ›

Bless you, Man Repeller

one of my students messaged me today telling me she couldn’t make it to class because she was in a fight.

she then told me that this random guy at the mall kept on trying to get her to look at him and talk to him by touching her shoulder. she told him that she wasn’t interested three times, and he wouldn’t stop, so she hit him.

fucking mad props. giving her an A for the semester.
and really glad she wasn’t hurt that badly, because the asshole hit back

damn tried the oculus rift at bitcamp.

that shit is the future. (tho it gave me headaches)

shoulda hacked with one


Penny & The Quarters - You & Me

🔥 tobacco && patchouli 🔥

#classixx playin all the tunes (at U Street Music Hall)


yo @tourist__ , we should be together (at U Street Music Hall)


Stunned by this live version

~*~ korakrit arunanondchai ~*~ #thaipride (at MoMA PS1 Contemporary Art Center)